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Notable case results

Recovered Over

1 Billion Dollars

in Verdicts

And Settlements on Behalf Of

Our Clients.

2004 Brown v. Rodney Price – $105,000,000.00 verdict 2004 largest Police verdict in Maryland history and largest in the nation in 2004


2004 Catrice Parker, et al. vs. Ray Lewis – Civil Assault Defendant’s Verdict


2003-2008 Clark v. Mayor and City Council – Still open


2003 Dwight Allen v. Officer Stuart Parker, et al – City ordered to pay motorist $205,000.00 in a road rage police shooting case


2002 Hubbard v. Mayor and City Council – $500,000.00 settlement


2002 Coles v. Mike Tyson – Settled under seal


2002 Carr v. Mayor and City of Baltimore – Settled for $500,000.00


2001 Magdalene Fennel v. Baltimore Mayor City Council – Wrongful death settlement under seal (Head of City Parks fell in a manhole on golf course and died)


2001 McCoy v. Mayor and City Counsel – $7,000,000.00 Million dollar verdict settled for $500,000.00


2000 Margaret Quarles, et al v. Mayor and City Council – Settled for $500,000.00


1999 Featherstone, et al v. Marriott International, Inc. – Settlement after trial – Under seal


1999 Watkins v. Professional Service Bureau – Civil Rights Jury verdict in Federal Court


1994 State of Maryland vs. Tony M. Murphy – Seizure of money by police. Ordered Returned (violation of search and seizure)


1983 Goodwin vs. Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority – Tried in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia –largest civil verdict ever rendered by a jury against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority, $1,000,000.00 verdict


1980 Crockett v. City of Baltimore – Upheld the unconstitutionality of Baltimore City Sign Ban


1977 James Scott vs. Sutton Place – Argued in the Maryland Court of Appeals and U.S. District Court—established precedent in Maryland that landlords were liable for the criminal acts of third parties to tenants when said landlord had notice of dangerous condition


1974 Organization of Baltimore Cab Drivers, Incorporated vs. Checker Cab Company, Incorporated – Tried in the U. District Court –injunction granted in Baltimore to restore the price of gasoline to original union and company agreement


1972 George D. Pettit vs. United States – Argued in the U.S. District Court of Claims,

Established standard of proof for back-pay awards in discrimination cases ($1,000,000.00 back pay award)


1971 Pettit v. Board of Law Examiner (Gingrich) discrimination in Bar Exam (Leading Plaintiff)


1958 Pettit v. Board of Education of Harford County – Child Plaintiff to integrate schools


Criminal cases of note


2007 State of Maryland v. Milton Tillman – Bail bond/Fraud Case


2001 State of Maryland v. Eric Stennett – High profile murder case in the City involving Baltimore City Police Department


1994 State of Maryland v. Joseph B. Bannister, Jr. – Charged with first-degree murder; self-defense homicide, Verdict: Not Guilty


1975 State of Maryland v. Johnson - First capital case – Harford County Maryland



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